Starting with processing

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 13.30.58┬áIn the first workshop for my second year we have been taught some of the basics of processing. Learning how to create simple shapes, movements and loops. Learning how to use both ‘void setup’ and ‘void draw’. During this I have learnt how to code animation to respond to mouse movements and rotation movements. Further on I combined both mouse response and rotation together to create all sorts of basic digital art.


First Kinetic Typography – War Never Changes

First Kinetic Typography - War Never Changes

As one of our mini projects we were told to produce some pieces of kinetic typography. To start this mini project I needed to find some scenes from films and games, scenes with a lot of speech/conversation. After looking through and listening to various amounts of scenes, I decided on the voice over in the introduction to one of my favourite games, Fallout 3. My first aim is to write out all the text and place each word in sync with the audio in a stylish manner.

My next steps would be deciding on colours and animations. At the moment this Fallout project is in black and white as the text is more important at this stage. I will aim to use colours that reflect the tone of the actors words or what those words imply. Something as simple as the word blood being red to symbolise it’s meaning. This idea will also apply to the animations of the text, the text animations will reflect implications of the word.

My steps after this will be to produce another Kinetic Typography that has all the elements I have learnt from this current project and some more sophisticated ideas.

3D Text Animation

3D Text Animation

I have progressed from a simple 3D text design to creating text animation. This design follows a tutorial I found on Youtube I have just changed the colours and what the text says. Creating this 3D animation has given me a better understanding of using disperse effects, camera shots and using keyframes in Blender.

My next step is to render the animation out correctly and then upload it to my blog.

Starting 3D design in Blender

Starting 3D design in Blender

In one of my first Blender seminars we were shown how to extrude text and create text and lighting. This is a simple 3D text design I have created in order to gain an understanding in using camera angles and lighting. It was also a practise to see if I could render out properly.

My next steps are to make a text animation, something that either moves, disappears, dissolves or turns into smoke.

Beginning with Blender

Beginning with Blender

I have just recently been introduced to Blender in my seminars. I’m completely new to this programme so I have begun with making 3D text. My aim is to create a lighting effect behind the text to create a shadow, to emphasise the 3D shape. At this stage colours and colour testing are not too important as I am just getting the basics down.

Once I have created 3D text with lighting I am going to try and animate the text with some sort of dissolving animation. In this way I will be able to get an idea of how to animate other 3D shapes. My biggest aim would be to learn how to create an animation of a person walking, this will take a lot more time compared to text animation.

Flash Animation

Flash Animation

I have finally finished my flash animation. It has take quite a few hours to create this. To make the animation fit in sync with the audio/music. Although it took a long time for such a short animation I think I am going to create another one that is longer with more variation.

You can find this animation on my website as it is too small to upload to Youtube or Vimeo:

Flash Animation

Flash Animation

We were set the task to create a very small 22mm animation with audio. For my design I chose to go for an animation that looked look a very basic set of speakers using white hollow circles. I then went on to create smaller circles within the bigger ones that reduce in size very quickly to give a vibration effect. As if the speakers were actually playing and moving