Design Iterations

The aim of Design Iterations is to conceptualise and create an interactive instillation which will be situated in the ground floor of Weymouth house (media school building).

My initial idea was to create an image based interaction the screen would begin blank and as audiences pass through the space parts of the image would reveal in relation to the section of the space they were situated. As they move around in the space more of the image would be revealed. However, through an iterative process carried out to find solutions to problems. One problem occurred that highlighted a large hinderance; if there are large groups of people in the space the process will not function correctly as it would be attempting to follow multiple positions at one given time. This would disrupt the creation on the screen.

After realising that groups of people are the problem to the initial idea, I decided to create a completely different interaction that focussed on and responded to large groups of people, rather than an individual. This second idea is a group based instillation focussed around identity and performance. The theory chosen is identity performance – a persons private performance and public performance. The aim of this instillation to highlight the transition between private and public. As well as how a person’s performance changes when they are removed from their private sector and place in a public sector. There is a simplistic but effective way in which this instillation will successfully change peoples performance. Anyone who is moving and therefore unaware of the instillation will be completely pixelated on the screen. The symbolises that they are in their private sector, their private performance. They are pixelated, meaning their identity is private in that public space.

However, if someone is standing still they are in focus and not pixelated. Meaning they can be recognised instantly because most people in that space will be completely pixelated. In this way that particular person has become public, they are in the public eye. Because they are in focus and their identity has become public, they will begin to perform differently as everyone can notice that particular person. In this way, the instillation highlights how people perform differently depending on their situation and when they removed from their private performing space to their public performance.