Kinetic Typography Finished

Here is my finished kinetic typography I have been creating over the past few days. I have added some colour a small animations to some of the text. I really enjoyed making this and I plan to either re-create this current kinetic typography with more colour and styling as well as more animations. I am also going to make a second typography for The Joker’s part in my favourite scene of The Dark Knight.


First Kinetic Typography – War Never Changes

First Kinetic Typography - War Never Changes

As one of our mini projects we were told to produce some pieces of kinetic typography. To start this mini project I needed to find some scenes from films and games, scenes with a lot of speech/conversation. After looking through and listening to various amounts of scenes, I decided on the voice over in the introduction to one of my favourite games, Fallout 3. My first aim is to write out all the text and place each word in sync with the audio in a stylish manner.

My next steps would be deciding on colours and animations. At the moment this Fallout project is in black and white as the text is more important at this stage. I will aim to use colours that reflect the tone of the actors words or what those words imply. Something as simple as the word blood being red to symbolise it’s meaning. This idea will also apply to the animations of the text, the text animations will reflect implications of the word.

My steps after this will be to produce another Kinetic Typography that has all the elements I have learnt from this current project and some more sophisticated ideas.