Group Project

Group Project

In this group project, the six of us were given a brief to create a website and a series of videos based on a selection of topics. The website is used to host these videos and provide further information on them. As a group we decided to go for the topic of technology. Under this we decided to create a product that may or may not exist. We created and developed the idea of a contact lens that augments your vision, enhancing your ability to carry out everyday tasks. Following similar ideas and concepts to google glass but following a more organic feel rather than a set of physical glasses. We also decided to come up with a company that would be the developers of this augmented technology, that name was ‘Convex’ (The name reflecting the idea of something curved and natural looking).

One member of the group created this logo and as group we went through many colour schemes deciding the best three colours.

I was part of the video production, getting the footage for the video series. I came up with the idea of emphasising how life is difficult with the Convex lens and how easy it is with it. Giving the ‘before’ scenes a grungy black and white filter over the video and the ‘after’ scenes in high contrast with brighter colours compared to the ‘before’ scenes.


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