Portfolio Website

Portfolio Website

I have continued working on my portfolio website, focussing on content and creating fully functioning animations. Once all content is uploaded to the site i’m going to change the background into a gif animation of moving clouds to give the website a more interesting edge. I have added a ‘Latest Work’ bar in the footer of the website. This feature displays my newest work, which can be quickly accessed from the home page.

My next steps are creating a logo for the website and an animated background. I chose visual simplicity over visual complexity because I did not want to clutter the home page and other pages with work, links and general information. I have created the website in such a way that the user has to navigate and explore without a cluttered screen. I feel that some websites overload their homepages with information resulting in the user getting lost and confused. Therefore by having my website’s navigation in a central position  the user can easily find their way around the site.

The about page and portfolio page need further development and content (Adding more work, designs and my CV). I’m looking to finish this website by the beginning of march.

Here’s a link to my portfolio site: http://dakar.bournemouth.ac.uk/~hstevens/


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