Bristol Zoo Task

During the first month of my Digital Media Design course we were selected at random and put into small groups, we were then presented with a brief that focussed on creating some forms of digital media to promote and improve Bristol Zoo. In the group we were given certain issues or drawbacks that this particular business was/could be undergoing. The brief also stated that we had to include historic/information about the zoo and it’s animals.

With this in mind we had to mind map concepts and ideas of how we could use digital media to, promote, generate further entertainment and make the zoo experience more interactive. As a group we thought of quite a broad range of ideas, some ideas quite basic but effective and others that were both quite complicated. We decided that an idea that was basic and very user friendly held a stronger position over complication.

After drawing upon each other’s ideas we centralised our focus on a mobile and tablet app, which both adults and children have access to. We called this particular app ‘Safari Snap’. To give an overview on the app:
– It was based on a highly popular app on the market called ‘Snapchat’
– It created a digital experience to be enjoyed during a visit to Bristol Zoo
The app involved giving the user a vague or simple description (depending on the users age) of a particular animal at the zoo, once they figured out which animal it was they would use the interactive map of the zoo to find the animal and take a photo (take a snap) of it. The user would be rewarded with points and some interesting facts about that animal. My role in the group was partly coming up with the concept and creating the app icon.

For the icon, I went for quite a simplistic design which followed similar designs to those that already exist on ios7. As users are already used to those icons, therefore making the app feel familiar to it’s users. I chose the colour orange as it followed the same theme as Bristol Zoo’s logo. The camera icon was inspired by both the iPhone camera app icon and Instagram icon.



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