Film Poster

Film Poster

This is one of the pieces I designed for my media A2 coursework. The brief for the design coursework was to use digital design to express the main points of my essay (that was handed in along side this). In my essay I centralised my argument on the ambiguity of serial killers and their loss or hidden identity in the thriller genre. After completing the essay I began creating something that presented a powerful antagonist with a hidden/ambiguous identity. First I decided on a low angle shot on the antagonist, to encode the antagonists upper authority and power. I used certain ideas such a   s smoke and making the antagonist slightly transparent to encode the idea of a hidden identity or a representation that isn’t truthful. I thought of the name ‘anomaly’ to encode how this particular antagonist could be an anomaly in society. I stretched this even further by purposely spelling the title wrong to encode both rebellion to the norm and again this idea of ambiguity. This was also inspired by the title of the film ‘Inglorious Basterds’. I also used  iconography  to blur the line between ‘deception’ and ‘success’ to encode this idea of a lost identity. I was extremely happy with my result for my A2 coursework as I received an A*. The only part of the course left was the exam in which i achieved an A, giving me an A* overall in my Media Studies A level. 


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